Monday, May 25, 2015

Emma the Dark One? Whaaat?

So, I haven't posted in like, a million years, but the season four finale was insane! I CRIED WHEN HOOK DIED AND CRIED SOME MORE WHEN HE CAME BACK!!!! Oh yeah, Regina too.
   Anyway, Emma is now the Dark one, which no one saw coming! As shown on the finale, when Regina was being trapped by darkness, Emma sucked it all up with her power, and then disappeared, only leaving this:

OUAT season 5
   Unfortunately, season 5 will not be coming until the Fall!!!! :(  Lots of fans feel really sad about that! This is how I feel:
   So now Emma is officially Emma-stiltskin, many fans posted fan art! Here they are: 
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Posted by OnceUponADream @theMagicalTweet
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Posted on Twitter by Izzy @cutiepiejmo

Want some more? Search up #DarkSwan on Twitter!

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