Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Costumes are All Wrong!

The the fairytale characters in Once Upon A Time are characters that have existed for over 100 of years. But the have the costumes all wrong! Look Below:

The Evil Queen

Snow White

Captain Hook
(As dashingly handsome as Colin O'Donoghue is, they still need to get it right)

(There wasn't a movie for Rumpelstiltskin but he is supposed to be a midget)

So do you see what i mean? All the costumes for these characters we learned about when we were in diapers are just wrong! But you know what's really unbelievable? They make all our favorite fairytale characters in the wrong costumes, but they make sure the newest fairytale character for the next generation looks exactly right!



Wow. I'm sure not even the Grimm Brothers would approve of that.