Tuesday, May 27, 2014

In Emma's Head-FanFic

One sip of the potion, and I was back to me. All my memories-the good and the bad ones were back. My family, my friends. All things that just a minute ago I thought were just fairy tales, now were reality. And I was the savior and I need to save the people that I care about. And one of those is Henry. Living in New York was better than living with monsters and witches and being the savior and all of that stuff. New York was great and all, but I know I need to go back, I just have to. But Henry. He won’t believe all of the stories and believe that my parents and his grandparents are Snow White and Prince Charming. He would think I was just going crazy. How do I go to my home, while this is my home?

But then it hits me: lying. Yes, that’s what I will do. I must lie. It is my only chance in Henry not thinking that have gone crazy. But I always told him that I will be open and truthful with him unlike Regina was with him. But now, I have to make an exception. An exception that will benefit us. But mostly our life together. And that was it; I was going to Storybrooke, Maine for work purposes, not to stay. I am just going to find out what is going on but not get too comfy. I have to come back to New York. For Henry.


That smell; the smell of Storybrooke, where my life had changed from being an orphan that works in bail bonds to a savior that has come to break a curse. But what lead me here is Henry. He had started it all and had been the only reason I had stayed when I first arrived. Henry. I always wonder why Regina would have named him Henry. But in New York when he was born with me, I had also named him Henry. To me it sounds strong; a name of a person who believes and never backs down and is never afraid. A person like Henry.

Well, nothing has changed since I was last there a year ago. But the people; I do not know. But Hook for sure hasn't changed a bit. He will always have that crooked smile and his big eyes. I know he loves me, but what I have gone through is pulling be back from giving in. But I know that deep inside me, that I do love him and I know that he is the one. But something always happens. Something always gets messed up. I know that. Love is weakness.


To be continued...

Sunday, May 25, 2014

'Once Upon A Time' season 4 premiere date and spoilers

 Is Frozen's Elsa the villain?
Many fans and viewers are waiting for the fourth season of Once Upon A Time series after "Frozen's" Elsa was shown in the season 3 finale. Elsa will play the villain in season 4. And her fellow friends will join in the action as well.

Elsa will not be the traditional villain though. The mystery music that was heard in the final episode of season 3 gave a clue that Elsa will have a big impact on the show.
Lana Parilla, played as Regina on the show,  cannot give a name of the actresses who COULD be able to play the role of Elsa in the TV series. The creators said that no one was cast yet for the role.

"Once Upon a Time" season 4 premieres in fall 2014 on ABC at its regular timeslot on Sundays at 8 p.m. However, a premiere date has not been set yet.