Wednesday, May 7, 2014

MORE FANFICTION Captain Swan chapter 1 (continued)

       Emma and Adrienne arrived outside of Zelena’s house with David, Snow had had to stay behind not wanting to put the baby at risk, Regina, and Killian, who had cast a brief glance between Emma and Adrienne. David spoke up first
         “Alright the plan is to go in with Regina and Emma leading, we find Henry first, no matter what.” A murmur of agreement came from the group, Regina spoke up,
         “What about our tag along? Regardless of whether she trustworthy or not, how exactly is she going to be able to help us?” Adrienne responded by lighting her hands with blue flames, Regina and the others gave her surprised looks for a moment,
         “Because Zelena isn’t expecting three people with magic, and if my spell worked correctly she’s wearing a cursed pendant, she’ll be just weak enough for us to take her by surprise” David spoke up this time,
         “if it worked? That’s not terribly comforting”
        “Even if it somehow didn’t, we still outnumber her, even with the dark one under her control.” Regina pointed out, Emma nodded in agreement,
        “let’s go save our son.”
       When the group burst into Zelena’s house, they didn’t have to search far, Zelena was waiting for them in the main room, with Gold holding a terrified Henry in front of him with a knife to his throat,
         “My my, the brave heroes arrive, take one more step and he’ll slit the boy’s throat.”
The group stopped, Emma stepping forward
         “Zelena let him go, he’s not a part of this, Henry it’s going to be ok I promise.”
         “Mom, what’s going on?” Zelena laughed,
         “Oh Emma, of course he’s a part of this, your whole family is, and if Hook had done as I’d told him this wouldn’t be necessary, but now I’ll just have to get you all out my way by killing you.” Regina stepped up at that,
          “Not a chance Zelena, let Henry go.”
          “Ha, even together you two are no match for me and the dark one, you think I’m just going to hand him over and surrender when I’ve nearly won?” Adrienne stepped up next to Emma and Regina,
          “Make gold put down the knife and let him go Zelena, you’re outmatched” Zelena sneered at her
          “And who are you?” Adrienne gave her a poisonous smile,
          "The one who took your power from you.” A flicker of fear sparked in Zelena’s face, and then her eyes widened in horror and fury,
          “NO!” at that Regina and Emma surged forward followed by David and Killian, Emma grabbing Henry and pulling him away from Gold as Regina and Adrienne subdued them.
    While David, Killian, and Regina made sure Zelena and Gold couldn’t escape, Emma pulled Henry close looking him over for injuries
         “Henry are you ok?” He seemed shaken but no worse for wear,
         “yeah, I’m ok” Emma turned to Adrienne,
         “Thank you” Before Adrienne could respond Zelena laughed,
         “You think this is over, just because you weakened me? My power isn’t gone and when it returns I’ll destroy the rest of you but I’ll settle with you for now” suddenly the discarded blade shot up and towards Emma, there was no time to stop it Killian called out, but Emma saw it too late, she raised her hand in a belated attempt to stop it, when suddenly there was a flash of black hair and Adrienne crumpled in front of her with the knife buried in her chest.
 The room exploded in sudden activity, as Adrienne felt herself lose consciousness, she heard someone call out her name.
To be continued….


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